Apple Cider Vinegar

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A nurse that I knew once, told me that the best way to treat a sore throat was to fill a glass with warm water, add a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to it, stir the mixture, gargle the mixture then swallow. I tried it and it worked. I have used this ever since for fast effective treatment whenever I have a sore throat. It kills any pain almost instantly and the treatment can be repeated if needed.

The substance has to be APPLE cider vinegar and it has to contain what is termed “the mother”. This is a cloudy substance that is removed from the vinegar if it is filtered. Anyone who intends to try this remedy must ensure that their apple cider vinegar is unfiltered and that it contains “the mother”. Apple cider vinegar with “the mother” is easy to find at large grocery stores.

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits.

Hiccups. One teaspoon (straight)  can cure hiccups

Weight loss. Apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. The theory is that the acid reacts with the metabolism to aid weight loss.

Dandruff. Once again, the pH of the apple cider vinegar is supposed to react with the skin to kill the enzyme responsible for dandruff.

ACV for energy.  Amino acids in the apple cider vinegar react with the fatiguing acids that the body builds up when subjected to exercise and stress and cancel out those acids that cause the fatigue. The apple cider vinegar also contains potassium and some enzymes that help with fatigue.

There are many more uses for apple cider vinegar. I can say without doubt that it works with sore throats but for the rest?, you will have to experiment for yourself. The good thing is that even if it does not work for you, it will not do any harm.

There are whole books of apple cider vinegar remedies and recipes, CLICK HERE for more information


Aliens, Do They Exist?

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Do aliens exist?, I think that this depends upon each individuals perception of reality. Using the currently accepted paradigm, it would seem unrealistic to believe that there are no other planets in the universe capable of supporting intelligent life. There are supposed to be billions of stars in the universe with trillions of planets. Using those numbers, it would be arrogant to assume that humans are the only intelligent beings in existence.

There are many theories about aliens having played a part in human development. Some people believe that the pyramids were built by aliens who came to assist humans to evolve. Other theories suggest than it was aliens and not God who actually created us. There are many crazy sounding theories out there and because we do not know, any one of them could be true, it all depends on the individual receiving the information.

What about the theory that all matter is basically  frequencies vibrating at different speeds. This theory does not discount aliens as different frequencies and speeds occurring on other planets could materialize as aliens. This ties in to the idea that we all live in a matrix like environment. Quantum physics at this time appears to be supporting at least some of these ideas.

There are people who totally believe that the earth is flat. Some think that we live inside a sort of enclosed capsule covered by a dome that cannot be penetrated. These people naturally believe that we did not go to space and that the moon landings were faked. The flat earth believers think that God, or a benevolent all-powerful entity did create the world and life on earth, putting us at the center of creation.

Maybe there is someone out there that does know the truth about aliens, I certainly do not, do you?.  If aliens do exist, and they manage to travel to earth, we can assume that they are much more advanced than us in technology at a minimum and hopefully they are more spiritually advanced. I would hope that they would see that we need some assistance and supply us with renewable cheap energy, farming technology to allow us to feed the whole world cheaply ( I think that this already exists but business multi-nationals are just not into sharing), and inexpensive, efficient medical technology, but then again they may just want us all to assimilate and become the Borg or something similar, who knows.

Earning Extra Money

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We all need money, as much as we can get.  The ideal is to get more cash for less time input, that is the ideal unless you run a business, then time spent earning money is less painful. The term wage slavery springs to mind whenever I think of employment but there is a lot less pain involved when one considers the multitude of freelancing/ work from home opportunities that have been enabled by the internet. Here are a couple of  available opportunities that give you extra insight on opportunities that I have experienced. Freedom is the goal.

Once a person is established, some ideas could generate more money than a full time job but the down side to this form of generating money is that the contractor does not receive benefits such as medical cover, dental and vision, pension and other benefits found in a traditional employee benefits package.


An ideal way of generating money is stocks and shares but this is long term and will not immediately help to pay the monthly bills unless you have enough money to buy a lot of high dividend stocks which pay out dividends periodically throughout the year but it can be done. Trading is an option for shorter time gains, you can trade shares, options, Forex, Commodity Futures. All have some risk attached to them and there is no guarantee that you will make profit, even shares can lose value just as much as gain and you need to study the subject in order to make educated trades. There is a skill set to acquire before you can make money.

There are many methods of trading and each one can generate profit if the method is learned. I have found that you need to find the method that suits you best. The basics are technical trading and fundamental trading.  You can make profit on falling prices as well as rising prices depending on whether your position is short or long. The basic explanation for the technical trading system is that the trader uses price charts to find recurring patterns in order to place trades. The patterns can be found using analysis tools or just based on straight price action over time. Fundamental trading is based on news and events. A typical example could be the use of weather forecasts when trading a particular crop with futures. At the end of the day, trading has a lot of potential for profit but also a lot of potential for loss and one should understand this before starting.

Search Engine Evaluation


Leapforce is experiencing unprecedented demand and growth for qualified home-based independent agents. They are looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Applicants must be self motivated and internet savvy. This is an opportunity to evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world’s largest internet search engine companies. I have found that the work at Leapforce is interesting and pays around $13.50 per hour. US based agents cannot work more than 40 hours per week, if the work is available, but just 1 hour per day 7 days a week will pay $418.50 for a 31 day month. That money is quite respectable for something that only take an hour a day. CLICK HERE if you want to qualify.

Retire Early?



Today, I have been having serious doubts about my decision to retire early. First on my list is that the retirement check is not enough. I knew this before retiring but the plan was to retire to allow us to move several hundred miles away from the big City in which we lived, to a much smaller City several hundred miles away. I planned to continue the same job in the smaller City and I did, for about 6 weeks until I could not stand it any longer.  The new job managed to perfectly blend the worst aspects of working in the 1970’s with the worst aspects of working in the present day. I doubt that it was planned that way but that’s the way it was and I couldn’t stand it, so with the small pension giving me a little more freedom than I had in the past, I politely told them to shove the job and went back to “retirement”. One day I will be specific about the profession that I was working in and I expect that you all will understand me better. All I am willing to say now is that the job can be dangerous and I was always coming into contact with crazy people and very emotionally needy people. Dealing with these people was not strictly part of the job, but over the decades, they have been unofficially added to the job responsibilities. The reason? who knows but I would guess that some smart ass somewhere figured out that he/she could add it to our job responsibilities and thereby save money by eliminating whole social services departments.

I also have a suspicion that I do not like small Cities. I have always liked to be an unknown when going about my business. This is the first time that I have lived in a small place and I am getting the impression that I cannot keep a low enough profile because it is small. Time will tell.

I was not particularly happy in the job that now supplies my retirement check, but I was known, knowledgeable about the job, knew all of those little procedures that are vital to the job but strangely never make it into the operating manual (funny how that works ?) and respected mostly. I had very serious doubts about retiring before I did so but my wife could not take the large crime ridden City anymore and she could take her job with her, so we took the chance that my employment would work out. For the last few weeks I have been applying for part-time jobs that require little thought. I have not received one positive reply, I have hardly received a reply at all. I only need a few dollars to make up my pension but it seems that I am not qualified for the most tedious and modest of jobs.

Tomorrow I will be back to looking for self employment ideas and testing them out, that would make me much happier anyway. As I test the contractor and self employment opportunities, I will let you all know the details and if it is worth trying.  My first contractor work will be Instacart, I will update the blog and the Generating Money page with the details. At this time, it looks ok and will probably generate more cash for less time worked than traditional employment as long as you don’t take benefits and social security payments into account.

Stay tuned for more info………..

Pensions, Are You Eligible?


UK Armed Forces Preserved Pension


If you have served 2 years or more in the UK Armed Forces, you will be entitled to a pension. The age at which you can claim the pension depends upon various factors,

AFPS 75 deferred pension member whose service ended before 6 April
2006, should claim their pensions, from Veterans UK, at age 60.

AFPS 75 deferred pension members whose service ended on or after 6 April
2006, but who had at least two years service before 6 April 2006, should claim
the proportion of their pension which relates to their pre 6 April 2006, service
at age 60 with the remainder becoming payable at age 65.

AFPS 05 was introduced in 2005 and for those joining or rejoining the Regular
Armed Forces from 6 April 2005. Serving members of AFPS 75 were given
the opportunity to transfer to AFPS 05 by 6 April 2006.

AFPS 05 deferred pension members should claim their pensions from
Veterans UK at age 65

RFPS 05 is a scheme applicable for those starting or renewing a Full Time
Reserve Service commitment /contract from 6 April 2005 and Serving
members of FTRSPS 97 were given the opportunity to transfer to RFPS 05 by
6 April 2006.
AFPS 05 and RFPS05 deferred pension members should claim their pensions
from Veterans UK at age 65.

Further information is available Click Here