Manifest Your Desires, The 2 Cup Method

clear water drops

There is a method of manifesting your desires called the 2 cup method. The method is based upon the idea that we have many different parallel realities running at the same time and the idea that in quantum physics, a particle can be in more than one place at the same time.

There is also the strange situation that the outcome of a quantum experiment can change, depending on whether or not the person decides  to measure some property of the particles involved. This suggests that it is the observer that is exerting control over the behaviour of particles. Quantum theory also hold that an entity can be particle and wave at the same time.


Dr Masaru Emoto conducted studies on  water for a long time He published a series of photographs in his book which are said to be frozen water crystals that have been subjected to human intentions/thoughts, some positive and some negative. The crystals subjected to positive thoughts appeared attractive and intricate. The crystals subjected to negative thoughts appeared ugly, polluted and unhealthy. This finding led Dr Emoto to conclude that thought can affect matter.


I have seen several variations in the manner of conducting the 2 cup method. The consistent factors are:-


one should get 2 cups, fill one cup with water and think about your present situation regarding what you want to manifest.


One should then pour the water slowly and deliberately into the second cup.


Once the water is in the second cup, the person should then concentrate on what he/she wants to manifest regarding the situation.


Once a person thinks that they have projected the positive outcome into the water, drink it all in one go.


Other variations include writing the current situation on a sticky note and putting it onto cup number one. Write the desired outcome on another sticky note and put it onto cup number 2 and then continue as above.


If you are going to do this, I would suggest using glass cups and use spring or purified water. I haven’t found these suggestions mentioned, but it makes sense to me that if you want the best results, you should do your best to ensure that impurities in the water and the receptacles are minimized.


Does it work?

I have tried it once recently, and while the immediate result wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I did get a communication the following day,  that will lead to the desired manifestation. Without that communication, the manifestation could not hope to come true. I had been waiting for such a communication for several weeks. I can’t say for sure that the 2 cup method brought this about, but it certainly appears that way to me.


The information that I have seen on this method generally states that you shouldn’t expect immediate results, although it is possible that you could get them. Be patient and don’t keep repeating the 2 cup method too frequently, give it a few weeks to manifest first.


The theory is that by transferring thoughts of your current situation into one glass of water, and then pouring the water into another glass and stating your desired outcome of the situation, you have completed a shift into another parallel reality where your desire does exist, a quantum leap.


Make of this what you will, it won’t hurt to try it and the least you will get is a positive………one of your eight, eight ounce cups of water that you should be drinking every day for health.

Maybe we could try this for weight loss too!

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