About Me

I began working full time at 16 years of age. I joined the British Armed Forces in 1978 and stayed until I was 27. and took part in the major British military engagements of the 1980’s. The experience was generally beneficial apart from the widespread and popular overuse of alcohol prevalent in the British military at that time. I was a willing participant. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I am an uptight military type of person, that would not be anywhere near accurate. After the military, I felt that I needed some education so I spent 2 years at college full time studying engineering and a couple of years in the British Reserve Forces. I did not finish the degree so I left with nothing. I then spent a couple of years attempting to run a design business while studying graphic design part time. I drifted into a government job which will provide me with a (very small) pension when I am 60. From the time that I left the military until the time that I got married, I had a great interest in joining the French Foreign Legion for at least a 5 year contract and I will always regret not doing so, my reasons for not joining were that the idea upset my family greatly and also my own lack of courage. I got married while I was working in the government job to a wonderful woman who happened to be American. My wife was at University part time in the USA and she still had a few years to go until she earned her degree so we decided to settle in the USA. My first few years in the USA were spent working in computer tech support and for a hospital in a mid size City in the south. I then ended up applying for and getting work with the City government where I spent 11 years. The City in which we lived always had a reputation for being dangerous and crime ridden and it became worse every year so in order to get some money out of our house and find a better quality of life, we moved to a smaller place several hundred miles away from the City.