The Law Of Attraction appears to state that people will attract the things that they allow their minds to dwell on and that the conscious mind does not have absolute control over what the mind dwells on. The subconscious mind needs to be accessed in order to attract the material and spiritual benefits that one wishes to attract. Money for example is said by some, to have a frequency of it’s own and the person who wants more money must vibrate on the same frequency in order to attract it.

Affirmations are a great way to access the subconscious. At one time in recent history subliminal messages were used in advertising and other more dubious endeavors. For all we know, they are still being used today. I believe that these subliminal messages were banned because they were very effective and were seen to be underhanded. If subliminal messages are so effective, then why not use them to better yourself in whatever manner you wish. You can use either visual, audio or combination messages to achieve your goal. Mindzoom is a software program that puts the user in total control of the subliminal procedure and is able to be fully customized by the user.

There are other techniques for self improvement, one simple method is to put a set of self affirming phrases together for yourself and speak them out loud to yourself every day. For the best effect you must repeat them, even if you don’t believe them because it is said that repetition will allow access to your subconscious and eventually you will believe what you say.



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