E Cigs


I began smoking cigarettes when I was 18. I have wanted to quit for several years but the problem is that I enjoy smoking so I investigated the e cig alternative. I wanted to see if there was an e cig that could give me the satisfaction that I derived from cigarettes and still supplied an adequate amount of nicotine

I have been using E cigs exclusively for 4 years now and from my personal observation, I have found that my body is not affected nearly as much as it was when I used tobacco. I have found that my breathing is a whole lot better, I can taste food better, my sense of smell has returned and I don’t smell like smoke. I am not a laboratory scientist or a doctor so I can only report my observations based on how I feel.

I began my search for a good e cig starting with the cheap ones that can be bought in a gas station and found them to be unsatisfying. I searched on the internet and found several companies selling e cigs. I tried a few and eventually found a company called White Cloud. I have been using White Cloud products for nearly 4 years now and they are excellent. Since I started vaping using White Cloud products, I have not felt the slightest urge to smoke a tobacco (analog) cigarette. I did try a tobacco cigarette a couple of years ago out of curiosity and found that it was inferior to the White Cloud e cig. The tobacco cigarette actually made me feel ill.

White Cloud has a great range of products and is cheaper that tobacco. Their e cigs are small, most of them are approximately the size of a regular cigarette and they don’t make an excessive amount of smoke so you don’t look like you have “Cheech and Chong” in the car with you. I never did like the e cigs that are so big that it looks like you are playing a clarinet when you take a pull. I personally use the Cleardraw2 cartridge in a regular tobacco flavor with “double extra” nicotine content but there are several nicotine values to choose from and a vast array of flavors. White Cloud also make several types of disposable e cigs and they are also very good.

I am very pro White Cloud because of my great experience with them. The order arrives in the mail promptly, the product is great and customer service is also great.

If you are looking for a tobacco alternative, check out White Cloud, I think that you will like the product.