I am still studying this topic and I expect that I will be for the rest of my life. There is a vast amount of information out there on enlightenment, from the new age topics such as finding yourself, to practical methods to get ahead in business. I think that the “finding yourself” topic is valid, especially when one considers how much programming human beings are subjected to during the course of their lives. Do we really know who we are? where we live? what this world is and what it means, does it even mean anything?. All thinking people ask themselves these questions at some stage in their lives, usually when the going gets tough. Once the “going” is no longer so tough, most people forget their quest for the answers to those questions and get sucked back into the normal state of human existence, work, eat, sleep, maybe a little recreation, and repeat this on a loop until the next “going gets tough” event appears, and it will.

Is life as it seems? I don’t know and I hope not. There are a lot of theories out there that only a broad mind would even consider investigating. Do we live in a matrix? are we small elements of a super consciousness?  are we spiritual immortal beings having a physical experience in order to learn lessons? can we re-program our thinking to bring about success, is religion any religion) to be taken literally or is it just a guide?, is there life after death? and so many more questions.

With so much to investigate, it is no wonder that a person could spend their whole life looking for answers and maybe never find them. Have a look for yourself………..