Health is such an important gift that it is surprising that so many people don’t think about it and do not practise daily gratitude for the gift. Most people take health for granted until it is lost. The loss of health, either temporary or permanent teaches us of it’s value. It is better that we take steps to preserve our health rather than face it’s loss.

Health allows us to earn money, enjoy physical activities, be self sufficient, protect ourselves, help others, the list is endless. I remember having a throat infection a long time ago. I could not eat, I could not drink without severe pain, I could not swallow. The pain was always there and this is when it first occurred to me that I took all of the functions that my body carried out efifciently for granted. At that time, I wished that I could go back to normal and eventually I did but I never forgot that pain. I try to show gratitude to the Universe/ Creator/God (or whatever your belief is) every day for my health. My issue was minor and was remedied but it was a lesson I did not forget.

I have become more skeptical of current medical treatment in the past several years. The medical establishment gives the impression that their man function is to make profit. I do not understand how people in the United States can be left to suffer and/or die because of lack of money but I see advertisements on the television for contributions to keep hospital ships afloat so that they can sail to supposedly 3rd world countries and give medical treatment free of charge to the citizens of a country while a U.S. Citizen will have to sell his/her house, empty their meagre savings accounts and work 3 jobs to pay for the same treatment, and that is with insurance. I do not begrudge the 3rd world citizens the treatment that they receive, but it makes me wonder if the whole thing is massively over priced for us.

I have taken a great interest in the last several years in alternative forms of medicine. I have been studying the benefits of plants in health, acupuncture, the use of frequencies to kill disease, vitamins and their uses, the power of the mind to stay healthy. I believe that the use of some of treatments has helped me to stay away from the doctor.

It is imperative that overweight people begin today to start losing weight, not just for vanity but to forestall the health issues that being overweight eventually cause. I think there is only one approach to this, eat healthy food, don’t eat too much of anything and exercise. Regarding exercise, do what you can at first and work up from there. There are many diet systems available, it takes research to find the one that suits you. A habit of saying or listening to affirmations can help with your resolve here.