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I’m exploring practical topics for health, wealth, and self improvement and also some way out subjects that intrigue me, just for fun. A good number of the practical topics that I discuss have been tested by me. The untested topics will be tested to evaluate their usefulness for us all.

I have drifted toward natural healing methods over the years and I discuss as many as I can on this website. The site is constantly updated so make sure that you check back at regular intervals. I try to place a new topic on the blog at least once every three days.

About five years ago, I quit tobacco (cigarettes) after being a hardcore smoker for many years. I did this with the help of e cigs. The e cigs that I use still contain nicotine but my lungs feel very much better and I don’t seem to have that craving that I experienced with tobacco.

I have a diet section. I do not need weight loss aids but I am the designated researcher for my wife. I suppose that she trusts me. I think that if she picked a method and stuck to it faithfully, she would get the desired results. I agree that some diets are better designed than others, regardless of dedication to the diet.

I look at unusual topics because they interest me. I may or may not actually believe in such things but they still interest me. I am testing out manifestation and affirmation right now. My evaluations will appear on these pages.

My site covers many different and unrelated topics. The common theme is that the topics interest me. Maybe they will interest you too. Browse around and let me know.

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